Sapid Pty Ltd was established in 1990 by Principal Engineer Bruce Hartwig.

Sapid Pty. Ltd. is a small company however, during the low volume scheme, it had the largest clientele of all the Australian automotive engineering consultancies that specialized in low volume compliance for imported vehicles.

Sapid Pty. Ltd. supplies a complete service, starting with the assessment of an overseas manufactured vehicle in terms of its eligibility and suitability for compliance with the Australian Design Rules for Motor Vehicles (ADRs). We are able to prepare and submit all the documentation required for RAWS approval from Vehicle Safety Standards (VSS), Department of Infrastructure and Transport to commercially import vehicles into Australia. We undertake testing of these vehicles and vehicle components for compliance with the ADRs (for new vehicles) and the Determinations (For used vehicles). We provide a design service for components and systems to be used in the modification of these vehicles to enable them to comply.

Sapid is also able to approve alterations and modifications to motor vehicles according to both Queensland Department of Transport and NSW Road Traffic Authority guidelines introduced by these State Governments. These approvals range from the simple such as the fitting of aftermarket seats through to the complete design and manufacture of one-off Individually Constructed Vehicles.

Sapid is a Registered Test Facility (with VSS) and is able to do in-house testing and reports on vehicles and components for compliance with both State and Federal legislation. Typical tests conducted include Beaming and Torsional Testing of vehicle chassis for wheelbase and/or body changes, Brake System Testing, Noise Testing, Side Intrusion Bar Testing, Seat and Seat Anchorage Strength Testing, Seat Belt Anchorage and Child Restraint Anchorage Strength Testing.

Sapid’s workshop is also able to perform modifications and undertake compliancing work on motor vehicles.

Director: Bruce Hartwig

Bruce Hartwig graduated from Queensland University in 1975 with a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

His first job was with White Motors (a heavy truck manufacturer) as a design engineer. He then worked for an insurance assessor as a loss adjuster, a crash researcher with the Traffic Accident Research unit in Sydney, an engineer with the Federal Office of Road Safety (FORS) in Canberra, a Traffic and Safety Engineer with the RACQ and as a Development Engineer with the Brisbane City Council ensuring the Council's Tram Buses meet legislative requirements.

In 1988 he started his own business to service those importing vehicles from overseas. This was formalized as Sapid Pty Ltd in 1990.

Bruce is a member of the SAE (Aust), a Registered Professional Engineer in Queensland, an Approved Person under Queensland Transport's vehicle modification scheme for light and heavy vehicles and a recognized engineer for the NSW RTA's similar scheme.


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